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Inspiration is never one thread, one note, one hue, one impulse. It is a ball of tangled skeins, an explosion of extra sensory perceptions. It is pain. Restlessness. Joy.. eager to spright itself on a canvas in a rush. GS Shenoy's mixed media works have all of the above and also a prehistoric innocence, a tribal eloquence and yet filtered through an abstract gaze, they are evolved and resonant and guided by some mysterious force of Nature. They are vast, richly detailed, crowded with stimuli, layered with patinas evocative of ancient cities,rock drawings, fossils, caves and ruins, tangled darkness of forests, hillscapes and soulscapes and sparks of thoughts that join dots and create worlds we can only find and not create. On foil, with paint, with indents, layering, teasing of surfaces, twisting, liberating, containing, Shenoy creates these wonderlands for us to find and lose ourselves to.