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Mist clad, hinting at soulful waterfalls. Dark, brooding, shadowy. Jagged, reaching out to crimson skies fiery with passion. All shades of green colluding with each other. Ghostly tree silhouettes. Yellow swatches of sunlight.
Rocks content in their unfinished yet definite contours. Shrubs, decisive yet tremulous. And sudden psychedelic colours almost as if Nature had decided to turn a leaf. And then huddles of bare trunks starkly picked out against the sky. Hurried sketches that seem to have been inspired by a moment where architectural ruins and stories told many eons ago grip the charcoal and the artist in an urgency that can only be expressed in dense shadows and hints of a fuller narrative. And the transitions. Tangled tree forms mirrored in a pool. From delicate water colours to the dense solidity of mixed media trees dancing in the rapture of spring. Gathering storms, outbursts of light and the grainy, masculine clusters of rocks leaning against each other. Lush trees. Placid rivers. Rainbow hues. Bleached browns. Meditative purple skies. And the ink studies. Geometric.. Intentionally abstract.